Using the Library

Library Cards:
Cards are free to all MA residents. Identification with current address and signature are required. Children 12 and under need a signature from a parent or guardian. Temporary cards are available for visitors.

Borrowing Limits:
20 Books for three weeks.
10 Magazines for one week.
20 DVDs and music CDs for one week.
20 Audio-books for three weeks
1 museum pass for three days
For more information view the Borrowing Policy.

Contact us to renew materials or visit the online catalog and renew them yourself. Materials may be renewed once. Inter-library loan books may or may not be renewed. Museum passes may not be renewed.

Book Reserves:
Call the library to reserve a book or visit the online CWMARS Catalog Site

Interlibrary Loan (ILL):
When you can't find what your looking for at our library we will borrow from another library for you. We limit ILL to three items at a time. 
Unattended Children:
  • All children 8 and under must be accompanied by a parent or mature caregiver (13 and older) who is responsible for the child, except for programs. 
  • Children 9 to 12 may be left unattended for short periods of time (two hours or less).
Library Computers and the Internet:
  • WiFi is available 24 hours a day. Personal laptops may be used throughout the building.
  • Patrons are allowed one hour per day if other patrons are waiting.
  • All patrons must have a signed form on file of the Rules for Public Use of Library Computers and the Internet to have access to the computers.
  • Ages 12 and under must have a parent/guardian's signature on file.
  • Ages 8 and under must use the computers with a parent/guardian.
  • Unethical or Illegal use of library Internet access will result in the suspension of privileges and may result in prosecution by local state or federal authorities. The library has a "zero-tolerance" policy against viewing pornography or obscene materials.
Photocopying/and Printing
$0.20 per black and white page 

There is no FAX service at the library.