Staff will work from home on Saturday; while we will check online and phone messages, we cannot phone patrons until Tuesday.

Our outdoor material pickup appointment and return service hours:

Tuesday:          2:30-5:30
Wednesday:    12:30-2:30 and 4:30-6:30
Thursday:        11:00-1:00 and 5:30-7:30
Friday:              2:30-4:30
Saturday:        10:30-12:30

Hours may change depending upon staff availability.



Re-Opening Barre Plan - June 15, 2020

Woods Memorial Library Reopening Plan - June 20, 2020

Outdoor Material Pickup Appointment and Returns

We will schedule five appointments in fifteen minute periods for picking up material within these times; returning material does not require an appointment, but must be during these hours. Families picking up material for multiple members will have one pickup time, but only one person should approach the pick-up area.

Placing Holds

Holds may be placed using the library catalog. MLS Delivery Service is running, so you may borrow material from other C/W MARS libraries. Commonwealth Catalog access resumes on September 21.
To see what titles our library has added in the past two weeks, go to https://www.cwmars.org/explore/new-titles and click on the link for Barre Woods Memorial Library, or simply bookmark https://bark.cwmars.org/eg/opac/results?bookbag=23309. You can perform searches within that list.
If you would like help searching for specific titles or a selection of your favorite authors, genres, or age-level material, please visit our Book Detective services for Children, Teens, and Adults on our homepage <https://www.barrelibrary.org/>, send us an email <barrelibrary@gmail.com>, call us (978-355-2533), or fill out the Contact Us form on our website <https://www.barrelibrary.org/contact-us>, and we will contact you as soon as possible. Please be sure to provide your library card number and contact information.
Outdoor Pickup Procedures
When your items are ready, we will contact you to arrange a pick-up day and time. Please do not come to the library before we contact you; we cannot serve people coming to pick up materials at the library without appointments. Items will be checked out on the day of your appointment, then placed in a paper bag marked with the initials of your first and last names, plus the last four digits of your library card number.
At your designated pickup time, come to the library parking lot to pick up your items. You must wear a mask and remain a physical distance of at least six feet apart. Please wait in line at the designated spots until you are asked to approach the portico by a staff member in order to maintain the recommended physical distancing guidelines.
Tell us the initials of your first and last names and the last four digits of your library card number so we can match it to your request. A staff member will leave your bag of items on the table; you may retrieve the bag after they have reentered the building.
Outdoor Returns Procedures
The book drop will remain locked until further notice, as we cannot keep it properly disinfected between patron visits.

If patrons are only looking to return their items, they can be brought back to the library during any of the times listed above; no appointment is needed. Please return all material in grocery bags; when possible, please use the paper bag that we provided when you picked up items.

Bins will be left under the portico by the parking lot entrance: one for books and magazines, another for CDs/DVDs.
Patrons must wear masks. Please wait in line at the designated spots before approaching the return bins if a staff member or another library patron is already there in order to maintain the recommended physical distancing guidelines.
Full bins will be stored in the library for a one-week quarantine period. Items will be checked in after this; however, we will change the system’s check-in date to match the return date and ensure no fines are charged.

We will continue to provide updates on our website, Facebook, and voicemail message, as well as in the Barre Gazette.

For any questions or concerns, or for assistance navigating online resources, please do not hesitate to reach out to the library. We are here to help you.

Please stay healthy and safe!


Woods Memorial Library Staff

Barre Board of Library Trustees

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